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Why is Everyone talking about TheHealthyTreatments (THT) as the next big thing in Colombia

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Motivation behind The Healthy Treatment’s (THT) birth

Albert Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.” The Healthy treatments (THT), an innovative telemedicine company, was born keeping these words in mind. We experienced the healthcare inequities In Colombia just like every average income Colombian does and wondered what we could do to improve access to healthcare and improve patient centered care. Afterall, innovation is no magic wand- it’s a few people sitting down and thinking differently to the same problem every other person is talking about and experiencing.

Based on a recent statistic published by WHO, Colombia offers great affordable care to millions after decades of health system reform. Founders at THT researched and reviewed the community needs assessment done by multiple organizations and came up with a unique idea to integrate healthcare in Colombia that currently seems siloed. Health inequities still exist and THT is an effort to reduce disparity and improve healthcare accessibility.

 What does THT do and our model?

The healthy Treatments (THT) is a government approved telemedecine start up company in Colombia with a cutting edge and innovative approach to provide access to healthcare to millions, local and international patients, who can’t get to a practitioner in a timely fashion or can’t afford the services they deserve and need.  We believe in integrating healthcare and focus on patient centered approach. From the time an individual’s need arises to seek care to the time the patients care plan has been put in place and all needs met, THT serves as a companion digitally. Patient is at the center of our integrated model and we value and respect each patient’s need.

What can providers and patients expect from THT and how is different from other telemedicine companies?

For providers: We are not just a scheduling system. Unlike other telemedicine companies, we offer:

  • HIPAA complaint secure portal to connect with the patient via video conferencing
  • Ability to upload consent forms and other materials for the patient before the visit
  • Ability to upload prescriptions
  • Enter notes on the portal for patients to review later that serve as medical record
  • Order scans and other tests at a facility nearest to the patient
  • Communicate with the patient in real time pre or post visit
  • Set up follow up visits and appointment
  • Set up referrals
  • Download monthly reports from the portal to review patient information
  • Set up billing and accepted insurance information for patients to review pre-visit

For Patients: We offer peace of mind to our patients as we do the job of researching the best providers in the region and verifying their certifications. We make sure that no matter wherever you are, healthcare accessibility is never a hurdle.

A patient can visit our portal and have access to the following:

  • Numerous primary care providers, specialists, pharmacies, rehabilitation centers etc.
  • Ability to review a practitioner’s or facility’s accepted billing and insurance information prior to setting up appointments.
  • Ability to setup in person or virtual appointments
  • Creating a secure account on the portal that contains your medical records, prescriptions, upcoming visit information, referrals etc.
  • Ability to reach out to the doctor with questions before or after the visit.


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