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Best Plastic Surgeons in Colombia

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Research Your Surgery Options

Before you make any decisions, ThehealthyTreatments will assist you to do your research into the different surgeries available. You should understand the risks, advantages, and expected outcomes of each procedure before selecting a plastic surgeon. Consider which surgery is most suited for you and then visit the ThehealthyTreatments website or consult with our medical experts to clarify any questions you may have for the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Doing your due diligence in researching your options will help ensure a successful surgery with minimal risk.

ThehealthyTreatments will further assist you in finding the best plastic surgeon in Colombia for your procedure. We have carefully researched and assessed the qualifications and experience of the top surgeons in Colombia so that you can make an informed decision. Our doctors are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons with extensive training and decades of experience, which means that their methods and techniques are of the utmost quality. All our surgeons adhere to strict ethical codes and follow all relevant laws, providing patients with guarded confidentiality as well as reliable, safe surgeries that achieve natural looking results. With our help, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent care throughout your entire journey when you choose a certified plastic surgeon through ThehealthyTreatments.

Create a List of Potential Surgeons

Comparing the qualifications and reviews of potential plastic surgeons is a critical part of the selection process. To begin your search, start by visiting the profiles of ThehealthyTreatments Board Certified Colombian Plastic surgeons who are reviewed and rated according to their qualifications. Make sure to read any client reviews and feedback available online, as this will give you insight into each surgeon’s level of expertise and professionalism. When creating your list, consider how many years they have been in practice and if they specialize in any particular area or techniques. You can often find these details on Thehealthytreatments platform or by asking the surgeons directly during an initial consultation.

Schedule Consultations with Each Surgeon

After you’ve vetted your list of potential board certified plastic surgeons in Colombia, it’s time to start scheduling consultations. During each consultation, you’ll be able to ask the doctor questions regarding their experience, qualifications, and expertise. It is also important to discuss any risks and the exact procedure that will be performed by the surgeon before making a final decision about who to choose for your medical care.
Speak to the surgeons directly and ask the right questions. It’s important to be clear on exactly what you would like done, as well as the expected results of any procedure. Make sure that your goal is realistic – plastic surgery is not a magic wand – and speak honestly with your chosen surgeon to establish if your desired outcome can indeed be achieved. You should also enquire about additional costs such as follow-up appointments or medications which may be needed after surgery.

ThehealthyTreatments also offer post-surgery support package such as recovery houses and transportation which may be needed after surgery. With these points in mind, you should then be able to make an informed decision on who will perform your surgery safely, effectively and to the highest standard possible.

Consider Physical Appearance and Qualifications

One of the most important things to think about when you’re researching board certified plastic surgeons in Colombia is physical appearance and qualifications. Before going in for consultations, look at photos from past surgeries that your potential surgeon has performed, check references, and read reviews that other patients have written. While it can be tempting to look only at cost, make sure the surgeon you choose is highly trained and experienced with the procedure or surgery you need or desire. Additionally, their aesthetic approach should match your own dream outcome—ask questions and share your goals during consultation appointments to make sure they’re on the same page.

Review Patient Reviews & Photos

Patient reviews and photos of past surgeries are crucial to consider when researching a plastic surgeon. Photos might be able to display the artistry that the plastic surgeon is capable of while reading patient reviews will provide insight into what their actual experience was like in the surgeon’s hands. You can find these examples on ThehealthyTreatments website or social media platforms( Facebook page and Facbook Group, Instagram, Pinterest,YouTube,Tik-Tok. Quora, Linkedin and Twitter) that way, you can be sure that what you’re reading is unbiased and authentic.

People also ask

Why Plastic Surgery is famous in Colombia?

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in Colombia over the past decade, as enhanced beauty is widely seen as a means to great life opportunities. The demand for plastic surgery in Colombia is driven by social factors such as wanting to look better on social media. Plastic surgery in Colombia is as advanced, safe and reliable as it is in other countries. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons use up-to-date technologies and techniques like VASER lipo to provide excellent results with faster recovery times. Its cost can be significantly lower; an average plastic surgery procedure in Colombia is 40% cheaper than it would be elsewhere! Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular around the world and Colombia has become a key destination due to its low costs. In 2022, Colombia performed more than 75,000 cosmetic procedures on medical tourists looking to save money. For example, Breast Implants in Miami, FL, can have a cost of up to 4,800 USD while in Colombia it can be as low as 3400 USD. The same difference applies for liposuction (removing fat cells from the body) with 8,000 USD in Florida compared to 5500 USD max in Colombia. Other surgeries such as eyelids or nose jobs also have remarkable savings when visiting Colombian clinics versus having surgery done in the USA. This makes Colombia a great destination for medical tourists from US, Canada and other parts of the world.

Does ThehealthyTreatments offer Plastic Surgery Packages in Colombia?

ThehealthyTreatments is a leading provider of international healthcare services and has been providing customized health care services to patients from Canada, United States and rest of the world since 2017. Treatments are performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Colombia that speak English and Spanish. We offer a wide range of medical, dental and cosmetic treatments directly from doctors and hospitals across Colombia. From Plastic surgeries to Cosmetic surgeries, our team of experts works with you to create customized packages that help our patients. Thehealthytreatments offer a wide range of services, tailored to suit your needs and preferences, including personalized price quotes for plastic surgery, 5-Star Hotel reservation, transportation and lymphatic massages. In addition, they provide post recovery services to ensure that clients are well-taken care of.

How can I receive a customized Plastic Surgery Quote?

You can call our highly trained executives directly  +57 (304) 273 9074 and provide them with the details of the plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery you wish to proceed. 


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