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What would you choose – a cheaper option or safety?

Choose the Right Surgeon

Things you should think about when you are looking for a plastic surgeon abroad?

As a patient, it can be very scary to think of the procedure and trust that the specialist or the surgeon will make you a priority and give you the best possible care that you deserve. It is no different than getting on an airplane and trusting the pilot completely that he will get us to our destination safely.

Most of us don’t even think about researching the credentials of the pilot because we know that the organization that hired them must have done their job correctly. You might’ve heard a lot of news recently about some doctors and surgeons in Colombia that offer procedures for a cheaper rate to international clients but are not credentialed accordingly.


It is tricky and requires a lot of research to know the facts especially when you were thousands of miles away. After all you are trusting your body with someone who is going to put you under the knife!

So what are the things you should think about when you are looking for a plastic surgeon abroad ? Should it be a Doctor Who is offering you the best deal or should it be somebody who has done a lot of surgeries, is very experienced, is credentialed by government agencies and has other patients recommending him or her?

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How is TheHealthyTreatments (THT) better than any other Telehealth Company in Colombia??
At THT, we believe in doing our due diligence and research on your behalf and always put patient safety first. Your safety is our priority.
1. Not only we research the best doctors, we confirm with the government agencies about their certificates and credentials. 
2. We also personally visit their offices, evaluate their practices and speak to their staff and current patients to understand their ethics, policies and guidelines. Only then THT recommends a specialist to a patient.
3. We constantly receive patient feedback and provide it to the specialist to help improve their practices.
4. We assist in transparent communication between the doctor and patient pre-and post surgery.
What would we tell our International clients?
We highly encourage our patients to do their research and due diligence before traveling anywhere internationally and committing to procedures. We do our best and encourage our patients to be safe and feel comfortable even though it might cost them an extra dollar. This is what THT would advise you to do when you are traveling to Colombia next for your health care needs:
1. Please reach out to a THT consultant if you have any concerns or questions about the doctor.
2. Learn more about the doctor, their ratings or reviews from previous clients.
3. Ask the right questions from the doctor when you have consultations with them.
4. Discuss your history and physical in person and make sure you are completely satisfied and have had all your questions answered.
5. Understand the risks and care needs after the surgery.
6. If you are uncomfortable with the decision a doctor has made for you, speak up!
7. Always have a family or friend or a care partner with you to assist you pre-and post surgery
8. Let THT know how your experience was and what we can do better to assist you with your other health care needs, whether it means connecting you to a different provider next time or finding you the best care across Colombia.
9.  THT will only recommend and advise doctors they have had good reviews about and completely trust. If we do not have confidence in a doctor, we will not recommend it to you but if as a client you choose to select a particular doctor that we do not recommend, THT will not take any responsibility in booking an appointment. We will never compromise your health or your safety!

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