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Best Plastic Surgery Packages in Colombia

Choose Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Choosing Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Looking to maximize your experience and minimize your costs with plastic surgery? Colombia is a top destination for its world-class facilities, qualified Board Certified Surgeons and specialized services. Thehealthytreatments offer several packages tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient. From facial surgeries to body contouring, our experienced team of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons will provide exceptional results at competitive prices.

Overview of Top Rated Packages

On our platform, we are proud to offer a wide range of plastic surgery packages with varying levels of treatments. Whether you’re interested in facial rejuvenation or body contouring, thehealthytreatments experts can create the perfect package for you. All packages include pre-operative evaluations and thorough post-operative care. Our top packages include Liposuction and Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Abdominoplasty and Rhinoplasty. We also offer special pricing for our most popular packages making it easier for everyone to get the results they desire at an affordable cost. Thehealthytreatments packages provide greater savings and the assurance that the best surgeons and medical team are providing you with an effective, results-driven solution. Thanks to these combination packages, your desired treatment can be carried out in a timely manner allowing for fast recovery with minimal downtime. When factoring into account the necessary pre-operative evaluations and post-operative care as well as cutting-edge surgical procedures and technologies, our packages have become increasingly popular in Colombia. As such, we guarantee quality care throughout your entire journey so that you can rest assured you are receiving treatments of the highest caliber while benefiting from cost reductions that come from bundling treatments.

Buccal Fat Removal

Our Buccal Fat Removal package is designed to slim down the mid-facial area and give you a more sculpted, younger-looking face. This package includes liposuction to remove fat from the lower cheek region as well as manual liposuction for smaller areas. After the surgery is complete, we provide comprehensive postoperative care with bandaging and medications to reduce swelling and bruising. We also provide follow-up consultations to ensure that you are satisfied with your results.

This package can help you regain a narrower, more sculpted face that looks younger and refreshed. The procedure is minimally invasive and is designed to reduce pouching in the cheeks, which may counteract the effects of aging or providing a slimmer face for those who were born with fuller cheeks. The results of this plastic surgery can last for many years if you follow proper skincare protocols.

Face and Neck Lift

Our Face and Neck Lift package provides the highest quality care by reducing wrinkles and sagging, giving you a more youthful appearance. This package consists of facelift surgery which tightens the skin along the mid-face, lower face, and neck. We use advanced techniques to ensure minimal scarring and achieve a natural look. We also provide comprehensive postoperative care with medications, bandaging, and follow-up consultations in order to ensure your satisfaction with your results.

Patients from all over the world come to Colombia for our incredible plastic surgery packages at an affordable cost. We take pride in using innovative techniques to deliver a lasting and natural look. Our dedicated on-site staff, including specialized surgeons and nurses, ensure patient safety throughout the entire process of your face and neck lift package. Furthermore, we provide medically appropriate local anesthetics for added comfort during your procedure, as well as postoperative care with medications, bandaging, and follow-up consultations. With, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the highest quality care with results you can feel confident about!

Breast Augmentation

If you’re looking for a more balanced body figure, why not opt for a breast augmentation? Our Breast Augmentation package is designed to help you achieve the most natural look in 2023. We use advanced techniques and specialized mammographic screenings to ensure comfortable and safe results. We at Thehealthytreatments customize packages as per your need including post-operative care. Whether you’re looking to enhance your breasts with implants or reduce them – call us @ +57 304 273 9074 today and speak to an expert to book a consultation and discuss what might work best for you!


Liposuction is a popular plastic surgery procedure that can help you achieve a smoother, proportionate body shape and contour. Our liposuction packages are tailored to your individual needs and include customized solutions for any body type. Using our advanced VASER techniques, our experienced Board Certified Plastic surgeons ensure safe and effective results with minimal downtime. If you’re looking for the best body sculpting package, explore our diverse options today!

Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons provide one of the best liposuction packages in Colombia. Depending on the number of areas you’d like to treat, we offer several package options that can help you experience smoother, more contoured curves and long-term fat reduction. Our esteemed plastic surgeons also carry out body rebalancing and volume recovery procedures to create natural proportions for your figure. All of our treatments are personalized for each patient’s individual needs in order to deliver safe and effective results. If you’re looking for a liposuction package in Colombia, trust thehealthytreatments to provide you with personalized care and quality results.

Brazilian Buttock Lift

The Brazilian buttock lift is one of the many plastic surgery procedures offered in Colombia. This procedure involves fat grafting to restore volume and enhance the shape, size, and position of the buttocks. It is important to note that for optimal results, you should have a certain amount of cadaver fat available. Additionally, it’s important to discuss with your surgeon about any risks associated with Brazilian buttock lift before agreeing to undergo the procedure.

During the procedure, your surgeon will make incisions to inject the fat into the buttocks area. In order to achieve more natural-looking results and minimize scarring, small cannulas are used to inject the fat. Also, in order to achieve optimal results with a Brazilian buttock lift in Colombia, make sure to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure. To ensure a successful outcome, it’s important that you follow your surgeon’s pre- and post-operative instructions properly.

Compare Packages and Prices

When researching plastic surgery packages and prices in Colombia, ThehealthyTreatments plays a major role in showcasing different Board Certified Surgeons, so that you can choose and compare different offers. Different surgeons offer a variety of services and you want to make sure that the package you choose is tailored for your needs. Make sure to read up about the doctor’s qualifications and expertise before making a decision – it’s important to ensure you’ll be getting the best possible results from your procedure.

Research Surgeons & Credentials

Before booking any plastic surgery procedure in Colombia, make sure to do your research and find a surgeon you can trust. Read online reviews and look into their professional credentials. Make sure that the surgeon is qualified and experienced in the procedure you’re looking for. Check their education, licensing requirements, and any certifications they have obtained. Find out what kind of facilities they offer, as well as the before-and-after pictures of videos of their results – these are great indicators of how successful they can be with your case.


We’ve compiled a list of essential questions you should ask your Thehealthytreatments Board Certified Surgeon before the procedure. Find out here!

  1. How many similar procedures have Thehealthytreatments Board Certified Surgeon has performed?
  2. What is the success rate of the procedure?
  3. What is the process for my individual surgery?
  4. Are there any limitations on activities or diet that you should be aware of during recovery?
  5. What is the recovery time?
  6. What type of anesthesia will be used?
  7. What type and size of incision will be made?
  8. Will the procedure give me a Slimmer V shape with a defined jawline?

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